Patrick Gavin is in Bed with Both PayPerPost and ReviewMe

A little while back, I was wondering why Patrick Gavin’s involvement in ReviewMe was being played down and I think today I got my answer when I saw that Performancing, a blogger support network that Gavin owns was acquired by PayPerPost, which is a direct competitor to one of Gavin’s other ventures, ReviewMe. I’ve also heard rumor that blogsvertise, a little known pioneer in the Sponsored Post niche, also had dealings with the ReviewMe guys and is under the impression that the idea was stolen from under them.

In both the case of performancing and reviewme, it appears Patrick Gavin uses another person as the “face” of the business. Ex-threadwatch owner Nick Wilson is the guy on performancing and Andy Hagans “operates” the Rustybrick coded and Chris Pearson designed reviewme.

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Reputation Management with Kiva

In my dayjob I have a bunch of reputation management clients. Doctors, consultants, politicians or other professionals who’s name is their brand. For whatever reason, when you search for their name a negative result is prominently placed.This is often a misleading news articleor out of context quote. I work to replace the top10 results with postitive messages about the client. In addition to taking the two top space with pages from their own website, one of my favorite methods is to recommend they do some news-worthy charity work associated with their profession and then we write, optimize and release a press release about it. I’ve found another easy, inexpesnsive and positive source of good results:
Kiva is probably my favorite website in a long time, and I’ve been building my modest portfolio with them for a few months. Recently I noticed they added the ability to create and customize a “lender’s page” like mine, so I did, and I linked to it (with the real, dynamic URL, not the short clean one with my name in it that redirects to the long one). Even without my name in the title, after a few days the page ranked, so I took a chance and emailed the kiva team to try to see if I could get them to put names in titles. To my pleasent surprise my request got to a engineer and the change has been made. I expect my lenders page to soon rank on the first page and I will glady recommend that my reputation management clients build a portfolio with kiva, it’ll be good for them, and the rest of the world.
Oh, and merry christmas.

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Google Website Optimizer Review

After surviving the webmaster deathmatch at pubcon Las Vegas, we were able to secure beta access to Google’s sweet new multivaritate testing system, Google website optimizer. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I’m liking it so far. For a free product, its awesome, but it does seem very beta still. Here’s a couple of points of contention I have with it:

Once you start an experiment, there’s no way to edit variations or any of the other experiment settings, and if you stop an experiment you can’t restart it, you have to create a new one from scratch.

In creating an experiment the only way to specify page sections to test is by putting section code in the test page and using the javascript to name it. For instance if you want to test 3 sections of the page you have to put three occurances of the code on the page and name the sections in the code. I wish there was an interface in the Website Optimizer system where I could create and name the page sections to test and add the code seperately, but this isn’t a huge deal.

When you’re creating variations for a page section to test, you have to hit save before you can preview the page, again not a huge problem, but a little confusing.

If you’ve created an experiment and not finished building it (like if you messed up) there’s no way to delete it from your list of experiments.

The navigation of the Website Optimizer seems inconsistant, sometimes I can’t find my way back to a screen I was previously on.

Sometimes I log into other google accounts (like my personal one, rather than our adwords account) and when I log back into adwords, I can access everything but the optimizer. If I click on it’s tab I’m sent momentarily back to the log in screen then back to the adwords account homepage by a redirection. I’m forced to restart my browser (this is happening on firefox).

The only success metric it seems I can measure is a direct conversion, sometimes I’d like to just check out time on site, or pageviews. Perhaps this is doable via integration with Google Analytics, but I’m not sure.

But again, these are mostly little convienance issues, and overall I love the app, especially at the price (free).

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I got tagged:

1 I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged in one of these here meme things before.
2 I paint. As in pictures. I have a studio in Jamiaca Plain where I’m currently working on a series of Zombies. There’s really nothing here yet, but there will be soon. Painting is probably the thing I’ve been doing for the longest in my life.
3 Before applying (and getting into, but thats another story) art school, I had wanted to major in Poli Sci, or be a botanist.
4 I am a denim nerd, I once went to Japan to go jeans shopping. Well *mostly* jeans shopping. Visiting Marsha was fun too.
5 I’m also a zombie nerd. Seriously, ask me something about them. I love the way they can be used as a litterary device to explore greater social, political and personal issues. And braining zombies looks like great fun. But I’m sort of picky on what types of zombie stories I like. I prefer the apocalyptic ones, where the undead wins.

I wanna tag Rob, Clyde and Dave.

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