Political Marketing and the Boston City Council

I’ve written before about online political marketing and research, but now I’d like to do a little experimention.
Obviously, the first place to look is search, how competative is this niche exactly? 2007 is an election year for Boston’s City Council members, essentially a smaller race in an “off” political year. Everyone’s looking to 2008. First I’ll start with a blog post, nothing tricky or even very aggressive; best not to bring a gun to a knife fight. My question is this:
Can I rank well for a high level (relative to the niche) search term like Boston City Council with a simple post on an obliquely related site?
I say obliquely because this blog is not really about politics or even Boston, but as I live in one and am interested in the other, I do mention them from time to time. I might even mention this specific topic more in the future.
My initial research with wordtracker into the keywords has revealed low volume at this point in the year:

  • boston city council 3

Keyworddiscovery’s longer sample revealed more keywords, but still low numbers:

  • boston city council 374
  • politics city council boston 11
  • stephen murphy boston city council 9
  • matt o malley boston city council 8
  • boston city council at large candidates 7
  • city council members boston ma 7
  • boston, massachusetts city council social policy 7
  • joe ready boston city council 6
  • john connolly boston city council 6
  • connolly for boston city council 4

The traffic over history graph doesn’t show any seasonal trends, since last year was not a city council election year.
Now, I’m a little worried about over repetition of the keyword, but we’ll see what happens, the content was organically created.

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SponsoredPosts.com Announced

Ok, ok. Enough with the hint dropping. SponsoredPosts.com has been officially announced and you can submit your email address to receive notification when it fully launches as well as for access to the private beta when that opens. And yeah, how sweet is that domain name?
So if you wouldn’t mind doing me a favor, give it a digg.

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What Features Would You Want in a Sponsored Post Market Place

I know lots of you out there are either bloggers or SEO’s/webmasters. And many of you are both. As you may know by now, I love the paid-post model for link development and targetted advertising,s o I’d really love some feedback about what features you think would be super-cool in a payperpost-type sponsored posts marketplace.
Drop ’em in the comments, thanks.

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