Simple Language Gets Shared More on Facebook

Continuing my series of Facebook data points, this time I looked at the readability of titles and how that was related to the number of times articles were shared on Facebook.

What I found was that as the reading grade level required to understand the title of an article increased, the number of times it was shared on Facebook decreased. The takeaway? Use simple language if you want to get shared on Facebook.

If you’re curious about my methodology, start by reading this page.

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Help Boston Innovate This Wednesday #FutureBOS

I’m pleased and honored to be able to tell you that over the next year, I’ll be serving on a new committee organized by Boston City Council President Mike Ross: Citizens’ Committee on Boston’s Future. The committee’s mission is spelled out in a recent press release:

The first-of-its-kind committee will be chaired by Harvard Economist Edward Glaeser, and will meet four times in 2010 to discuss how Boston can attract and retain the skilled labor workforce that will enable our city to compete in the 21st century.

I want to tap your brains, what ideas do you have? We have a wealth of smart, tech-savvy people (like you guys) in Boston and it’s time to start putting our money where our mouth is to make Boston a seriously leading-edge place. How can Boston become a more innovative city?

The Hashtag for the committee will be #FutureBOS, so if you want to tweet your ideas, use that.

The list of committee members reads like a who’s-who of Boston innovators:

  • Klare Allen Environmental Activist and Boston Housing Authority Resident
  • George “Chip” Greenidge Executive Director of National Black College Alliance & The GREATEST MINDS
  • Pat Johnson President, College Democrats of Massachusetts Chairman of Governor Patrick’s Statewide Youth Council
  • Bryan Koop Senior Vice President, Boston Properties
  • Ted Landsmark President and CEO, Boston Architectural College
  • Barbara Lynch Restaurant Owner
  • Jill Medvedow Director, Institute of Contemporary Art
  • Diane Paulus Artistic Director, American Repertory Theater
  • Rocio Saenz President, SEIU Local 615
  • Kairos Shen, Ex Officio Director of Planning, Boston Redevelopment Authority
  • Greg Bialecki, Ex Officio Secretary, MA Housing and Economic Development

The first meeting will be held April 7th, from 4 to 6pm at the Skywalk Observatory at the top of the Prudential Building, so if you have any interest in how the city can leverage web and social media technologies to make Boston a more innovative place, be sure to attend if you can.

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