About Dan Zarrella

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Dan ZarrellaDan Zarrella is the award-winning social media scientist and author of four books: “The Science of Marketing,” “Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness,” “The Social Media Marketing Book” and The Facebook Marketing Book.

He has a background in web development and combines his programming capabilities with a passion for social marketing to study social media behavior from a data-backed position and teach marketers scientifically grounded best practices. One of the first marketers at HubSpot, he spent 6 years at the company, watching it grow from startup to big, public company.

Webinars in his “Science of…” series have drawn upwards of 30,000 registrants. And he holds the Guinness World Record for the largest webinar ever. His Science of ReTweets Report analyzes the when, why and how Twitter users ReTweet things, and explains how marketers can effectively get more ReTweets, and TweetPsych is linguistic analysis tool he built that allows users to generate psychological profiles of any other Twitter user or list based on the contents of their Tweets.

He served as a member of the Boston’s City Council’s Citizens’ Committee on Boston’s Future and has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Wired, Fast Company, Forbes, The Financial Times, Huffington Post, The London Times, The Miami Herald, Slashdot, Smart Money, AdAge, NYPost, The Atlantic, Mashable, The Twitter Book, and TechCrunch. In 2009 he was awarded Shorty and Semmy awards for social media & viral marketing.

He has spoken at numerous conferences, including: PubCon, SXSW, SES, SMX, Iowatasmic, Convergence ’09, 140 The Twitter Conference, The Cool Twitter Conference, WordCamp Mid Atlantic, Social Media Camp, Inbound Marketing Bootcamp, and Social Fresh.

What other people have said:

“His presentations, webinars and data have made him the web’s pre-eminent social media scientist, and someone whose expertise is backed by more data than nearly anyone else in the marketing field.”
-Rand Fishkin (SEOMoz)

“Zarrella calls himself “The Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientist” and is one of the few people on the web with the credentials to back up such a bold claim.”
-Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb)

“@danzarrella just launched something I had drawn on our whiteboard a couple weeks ago”
-Ev Williams (Twitter CEO)

“Let Zarrella take you to social media marketing school. You’ll learn more from reading this book than from a month of research on the Internet.”
-Guy Kawasaki, cofounder of Alltop.com

“If I could be any other person for a day, it would be Dan Zarrella. Either him or Brad Pitt. But Dan’s smarter. This book is why I say that.”
-Chris Brogan, president of New Marketing Labs

“We’ve covered several utilities that have found fun and creative ways to analyze Twitter messages, but TweetPsych takes the cake.”
-Josh Lowensohn (cnet News)

“… [Dan Zarrella is] arguably the most knowledgeable of the ReTweeting trend”
-Nathania Johnson (Search Engine Watch)