Dan Zarrella: Social Media Speaker

Speaking to groups large and small about my research is one of the best parts of my work.

Years of data collection and analysis has given me ananalytical and data-driven point-of-view on social media marketing. All of my presentations are built using detailed research to go beyond “guesswork” and delve into the actual reality of the social media landscape.

I’m quite passionate (some might say geeky) about these topics–and it shows in my presentations. I can tailor my content to audiences ranging from super-technical and advanced to total beginners just starting out. I’ve spoken to a variety of industries, from B2B to B2C and many niche markets included there, and can speak to both overall best practices and unique situations for individual companies.

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I’ve spoken about social media at many conferences, including: SXSW, DreamForce, INBOUND, PubCon, SMX, Search Engine Strategies, SEOMoz Pro Training, Gov 2.0, The AMP Summit, Iowatasmic, Convergence, 140 The Twitter Conference, The Cool Twitter Conference, WordCamp, Social Media Camp, Inbound Marketing Bootcamp, and Social Fresh. I’ve also spoken at niche social media marketing events for the automotive industry, government agencies, real eststate and investing, higher education and more.

I can develop a presentation and speak about any social media, search or viral marketing topic you’d like, but some of my favorite things to talk about include:

The Science of Social Media Marketing: Through study of academic research into pre-web social and viral communications this session will cover how and why humans have spread content for thousands of years. Including urban legends, rumors, slang, chain letters and contagious laughter, audience members will learn the prototypical characteristics of contagious information and how those lessons can be applied to the web. I will also include an overview of the science of memetics and the value it can provide to modern viral marketers.

The Science of Twitter: Using data on thousands of links, millions of Twitter users, over one-hundred- million ReTweets I’ve assembled a complete overview of scientifically-proven best practices for using Twitter for marketing. This presentation will teach something to Twitter newbies and ninjas alike. The Science of Facebook Marketing: In this presentation, I discuss the sociology of the Facebook community and scientific ways of leveraging opportunities on Facebook. I cover the behavior of demographic groups on Facebook, the difference between men and women’s interactions on Facebook, and scientifically proven ways to get your content shared on Facebook. The first time I gave this presentation was to a record-breaking webinar audience of over 5,700 attendees, generating over 3,800 tweets and becoming the 8th most talked about topic on Twitter.

The Science of Presentations: How to Give Contagious Talks: Using data from surveys and the Twitter API, I conducted in-depth research into what makes audiences Tweet and blog about presentations. This presentation will teach you how to deliver talks that people can’t help but share.

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