10 Tips To Make Your Blog Rank Better

  1. Do keyword research and know which search terms drive the big traffic
  2. Make sure your target keyword appears once in the post title and at least once in the body of the post
  3. Make sure your post title appears first in the title tag on its permalink page
  4. Make sure your post title appears in a heading tag in the HTML
  5. Link out to other blogs, a lot. Eventually they’ll link back
  6. Redirect all URL requests without WWW to the WWW version of the page (or vice versa)
  7. Use clean URLs
  8. Link back to old posts in the body of new posts
  9. Put links to your most popular posts in your sidebar
  10. Put links to related posts at the end of every post

I expand on these tips and much more in my upcoming ebook: SEO for Bloggers.

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