The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2008

2008 could be called the “breakthrough” year for my blog, so here the top 10 most visited posts (a and a few pages). Cue the sappy montage music:

  1. Ideas do not spread because they are good
    Probably my most “controversial” post, here I explain that ideas don’t spread because of some subjective measure of “quality”, they spread because they are “good at spreading.”
  2. When viral marketing attacks
    A list of some of my favorite viral marketing failures.
  3. The science, history and how to of contagious laughter
    Here I study contagious laughter in history and in science. I also start to detail how you can create your own contagious laughter epidemic.
  4. How to make and spread rumors
    Using research from WW2 era scientists, I surveyed how rumors were weaponized and can be best created and spread.
  5. The viral marketing glossary
    I found myself using a lot of jargon, so I decided to put together this list of common viral/social marketing terms.
  6. Viral marketing campaign checklist
    There is a lot more that goes into a well planned and executed viral campaign than just throwing an iPhone in a blender. This post is a list of the steps that I typically take.
  7. 10 symptoms of highly viral WordPress themes
    Here I study how a WordPress theme can help contribute to the infectiousness of your blog.
  8. The most ReTweeted Twitter users
    Not exactly a blog post, but one of the newest favorites here on this list is based on my ReTweet mapping system and shows who has been ReTweeted the most in the last hour, day and week.
  9. What is a meme: Intro to memetics
    An introduction to my (admittedly unique) understand of what a “meme” is, from ancient Sumerians to modern cyberpunk.
  10. The viral preferences of Twitter users
    Based on my viral content sharing survey, this is the what and how of viral sharing by Twitter users.

So that’s what the numbers say, what was your favorite post of the last year?