Armand de Brignac Keywords

Spurred by a post I did some research on Armand de Brignac keywords. No google trend data, and nothing in trellian’s tool, so I couldn’t come up with any trend lines, but word tracker had these 5 keywords, which, I think, speak volumes

armand de brignac 47
price of armand de brignac 6
armand de brignac champagne 2
armand de rignack champagne 2
armand de brignac prices 2

Classic window shopping terms, the fact that “price” occurs twice in such a short list leads me to understand the obvious: Armand is a veblen good, and is being well marketed as such, with the bottle, price and product placement. It is also clear that these terms are coming from people who are more interested in oogling the price, rather than actually buying the champagne, as there are no distributor or location words in the list even though it is not going to be released untill December.