Been Thinkin’ ‘Bout Vertical Creep; A List

As the search engines, most recently Google, add new types of content or vertical specific search functionality and selectivly place those results above the traditional one-algo-fits-all results they are creating many different ways to be the first place result. I would expect that in at least some cases image or product specific search results in Google’s little vertical search “one box” (especially when placed above sub-par organic SERPs) gets a higher clickthrough than its vanilla counter part below. (I guess this suggest that I’m right)
So what are the ways to get into that box with Google? Let me count the ways I can think of:

  1. Image Search
  2. Product Search (Froogle)
  3. Local Search
  4. News Search
  5. Video Search
  6. Music Search
  7. Ticker Symbol Search
  8. Travel Info
  9. Maps
  10. Spell Checker

That’s ten things I got and I can figure out how to optimize a small business client to 6 of them I believe.
How about you?

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