Congratulations to the Newly Certified Viral Marketing Scientists

For April Fool’s day I launched the Institute for Viral Marketing Scientist and had a little contest for people to become “Certified Viral Marketing Scientists” by getting “credits” from their friends on Twitter. After a week, the top scientist won a bunch of prizes from the very cool IVMS sponsors.

In that week, over 900 votes were cast; 13 participants earned the requisite 20 credits (or more) and became certified scientists.

The winner, Wombat5277 received 166 credits in under a week and had this to say about winning:

Being named the top Viral Marketing Strategist in my class is without a doubt the highest honor I have ever received. I make an oath to only use my new IVMS status for the betterment of my fellow man. Thank you.

If you want to follow some top quality viral marketing scientists, check out our entire 2009 class:

Rank Student Credits
1 wombat5277 166
2 christinagayle 148
3 kennyhyder 46
4 alisond 37
5 zaibatsu 34
6 seosem 30
7 adriansoare 28
8 monicawright 26
9 trontastic 26
10 darko156 24
11 kemeny_x 22
12 digital_paper 21
13 annakdeleo 20