Danny Sullivan Pubcon Keynote

9:01: Waiting to get started
Brett mentioned that there is a lot of new speakers this morning. He’s talking about the day Danny announced his retirement.
9:09: Danny starts
He says he’s a little tired cause he had to do a drug deal with Vanessa of Google.
He’s telling a story about taking his kids to soccer practice, he’s driving along, thinking about how to open the keynote and he missed the exit. His kids were late, they sacrificed for us. He’s asking when people started going to webmasterworld, and the role the site has in the industry:
Google Dance, the big google party. He’s talking about the vocabulary that webmasterworld gave the industry
Florida webmasterworld is the place for storm warnings.
Canaries, webmasterworld is a canary in the coal mine, two groups will know something is wrong if something breaks, librarians and siteowners, webmasters.
Unification the SE’s just announced a sitemap standard and alot of that has come off of webmaster forums.
Frank 🙂 a special word for brett, he’ll ban all the spiders, blogging in his robots.txt brett has a reputation, the frank sinatra of search.

Ten Years on…
Maybe this stuff has some legs. Maybe search will stick around, when he first started, who knows if it’ll all fall apart. At this point he thinks it will stick around.
Business week said this year that “lowly search ad” is slightly below classified ads and slighlight above flyers on telephone poles.
and anyone feel video hype is taking over?
How about some stats… They all go up, except yahoo (laughs)
people are spending on search, it is a fundamental marketing medium, an essential.
people are spending a lot more on search:
some due to contextual pollution, video print, adsense
some due to click prices rising due to better conversion tracking, competition, brand money flowing in
some due to increasing search volume up 55% from dec 2004 to 2005.

he’s showing a quote from time warner “we can start doing what google does — auctioning off spots”
WPP “we don’t want to miss this one”.
just because you bought it at an auction, doesn’t make it search
search marketing is what defines search, its a certain kind of marketing.

Media post on vanity fair “carter said that while he uses google, he can’t remember a single ad he’s ever seen on the seearch engine. the crowd, while it didn’t applaud this revelacion, rumbled approvinly as it mulled carter’s statement”
you don’t remember because you need to remember it. brand building is all about making think you need something search is the opposite.
time for a reminder of what search marketing is all about:
your job as an SEM is to put ads in front of people who are expressing a desire. he refers to john keynote from yesterday.
search is all about expressing desire, we as SEM’s understand how to get in front of these people.
SEO is all about influecing upaid listings, he thinks its all about Public relations of search.
search advertising is the act of doing this through paid search
SEM is the combination.

Reverse Broadcasting
search is a reverse broadcasting medium.
broadcast advertising is all about trying to build desire, most of whom aren’t interested, interrutptions, like TV ads
desire marketing
you’re listening to the people themselves broadcasting what they want to you, and they’re searching and saying what they want and you as a marketer tune into that, the audience is just as broad as broadcast, just more efficent, search has way higher return.
Yellow pages approach this.
you have to identify the key channels, the major SEs and niche players, mobile search, etc.
you’re sucessful because you have the skills to identify where the new channels are. you’re always looking for where referrals are comong from, we’re like location scouts. we should be very proud of the job we’re doing. we’re an army of marketers, but nobody;s ever seen anything like this before.
search is not an auction.
nor that it is PPC
its not print ads in an auction
or a radio marketing company
nor are contextual ads.
he shows a google search box, he expresses his desire and his desire is fufilled.

contextual pollution, when you lump other things into search it makes it hard to see what’s going on
if stuff starts slowing down it will be hard to tell if its search
search grew up at the depths of the internet downturn, search won’t be the one to go under
it will be the players who widened out.

vertical search, part of 3rd gen jump
1st was works on page, humans, on-page
2nd generation link analysis (turned out to be a miserable failure, laughs)
3rd vertical and personalized
links not abandoned trusted ones used more but also supplemented with other data.

what vertical search is and is not
he shows a spectrum of search and desire info, news, health, shopping, music, video, cars
vertical search focuses on one specific vertical, Danny likes specific search as a name better.
narrow focus/index/database means less off-topic junk
you can sort in different wars, use different display metaphors.
personal/social search
reshaping results based on what you visit or your friends visit or what people in aggregate visit.
definetly helps to solve the spam problem (he says we’ll rigg everything) by greatly multiplying “fronts” in the arms race.
everyone sees custom results.
he shows the google personalized search feature. it learns the sites you go to. he thinks google should pay more attention to this, butt they’re working with youtube.
he was searching for “children’s wagons” lots of bad results.
he talked more about getting decongestant for vanessa, where the top result for a search on the dosages waas for elephants.
now he’s using myweb2.0 as an example.
advice for surviving 3rd gen:
watch the verticals
have great content
especially great titles and descriptions.
he’s talking about his post about bad titles on the google blog

the main thing that we’re going to struggle with as SEMs google starts to go towards search, they want to pull us along with them, like google radio ads.
“are you a performance marketer or a search marketer” any marketing that you do is tied to its metrics. metrics marketing maybe a better term.
all marketing medicums will continue to shift towards accountability through solid metrics.
don’t be afraid of that.
search is a fundamental advertising medium like tv, radio, print and outdoors.
a defining media behavoir said BWeek

“when i search for recipes i don’t get martha stewart” from the apprentace.
now he’s talking about the pontiac ads, that told you to go google “pontiac”
remax has a partnership with google earth
maxim thogh it would be cool to put eva longria on google maps.

search will be part of overall campaigns
campaigns outght to be ever more and seek to drive searches
search will pull money from other mediums andoforce those to be more accountable.
More complications
more automation, non-search products will continue to be tossed at advertisers automation will remain important
remember complication is also nice job security.
He says by next year google’s ad system will be something completly different.

more vertical, more personal
more balance for paid & organic
more lawsuits
he’s showing an article about the AOL search data and the old women they found.
we tell se’s things we wouldn’t tell our closest friends, still nothing has really changed, talk of control and export of our data all this week but months now and still no control panels he says there should be a way to delete all past search data
copywrite channeles, the crazyness in belgium. they were taken totally out of google.
australia is considering a new law that could make crawling harder.
he jokes that google has a wired connected to all speakers that makes them say google.
he really likes the idea that SEs ar not having to go through and ask for permission to spider pages, its opt out.
in places where you can’t automatically request permission, maybe it needs to stop
book search, they’re not providing cached pages of books
cached pages, you can opt out.

new company purchases SEW and conferences and they didn’t reach agreement, he’s phasing himself out and will be doing some stuff on his own. He’ll keep doing searchengineland.com on dec 11th. SEW he’ll be leaving on nov 30th.

someone is asking about contextual pollution. danny can’t track contexual advertising. trying to get on sites that come up top for target phrases if you can’t get in the organic results.

wants to hear more about some watershed privacy lawsuit, what’s going to happen if google accidentally drops everyone’s spreadsheets in the gov’s hands. danny thinks the AOl lawsuit was the watershed. he sees laws that will be enacted whewn politicos think that you can get their search results, he suggess filing an FOIA to get a senator’s search data and then you’ll see a law protecting that privacy.

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