Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I got tagged:

1 I don’t think I’ve ever been tagged in one of these here meme things before.
2 I paint. As in pictures. I have a studio in Jamiaca Plain where I’m currently working on a series of Zombies. There’s really nothing here yet, but there will be soon. Painting is probably the thing I’ve been doing for the longest in my life.
3 Before applying (and getting into, but thats another story) art school, I had wanted to major in Poli Sci, or be a botanist.
4 I am a denim nerd, I once went to Japan to go jeans shopping. Well *mostly* jeans shopping. Visiting Marsha was fun too.
5 I’m also a zombie nerd. Seriously, ask me something about them. I love the way they can be used as a litterary device to explore greater social, political and personal issues. And braining zombies looks like great fun. But I’m sort of picky on what types of zombie stories I like. I prefer the apocalyptic ones, where the undead wins.

I wanna tag Rob, Clyde and Dave.