Get More ReTweets With

I’ve been working on a variety of tools that use my ReTweet Mapper as a foundation, like The ReTweetability Index. But the coolest one of them all will be

I’ve had most of this code written for quite a while, but I’ve been too busy to finish it enough to release it. So I pulled out some of the basic functionality and made a little teaser version just to see what everyone thinks about it.

This version of the tool allows you to enter the URL of a page or blog post you’d like to have ReTweeted and receive suggestions of highly ReTweetable related words to add to your content and use when Tweeting said content.

The full version will show you those users who are the most ReTweetable when it comes to content related to yours. It will also allow you to schedule Tweets to be posted during the most ReTweetable times and days, as well as “seeding” your content via DM to those ReTweetable users who have given you permission to DM them. Once your Tweet goes out, the system tracks ReTweets and clicks it gets, thereby allowing you to test and refine your content further.

So go check it out and let me know what you think.

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