Infographic: How to Get ReTweeted in Vegas

Over the past few days, we moved to Las Vegas. Yes that’s right, I actually live here now.

Among many things, one of the parts of the city I admire the most is the wealth and depth of marketing knowledge and science. So to do my part and try to add to it, I did a little analysis of Vegas-based ReTweeting activity.

I studied more than 400,000 random Tweets that contained the word “vegas” and among them, found more than 60,000 ReTweets. On that data set, I did the analysis of ReTweet activity by hour and the most (and least) ReTweetable words. You’ll notice that activity tends to be much later in the day that in other parts of the country, people are waking and staying up later here. And looking at the most/least ReTweetable words, you’ll see that the words at the the top of the list are future and present heavy and talk about shows, parties and birthdays. While words at the bottom of the list are “salesy” words and include a lot about leaving Vegas and going home.

I also analyzed the official Twitter accounts of the 24 major hotel casinos on the strip and nearby and ranked them by “ReTweets-per-Tweet” based on their last 200 updates.

I’ll be doing more Las Vegas centric social media research in the coming weeks, so let me know if there’s anything specific you’d like to see me look at.