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They’re looking to improve the URL structure of the site.
They have id= in their urls, someone on the panel says its not ideal, but its not a death sentance.
The site is a year old. They say this is a problem.
Matt Cutts says the content is duplicated by other sites that are using the same suppliers. Matt says to ask what’s your value-add.
Everyone is joking about Matt using his laptop with the secret tools.
The real problem is that the content is not unique. There are dozens and dozens of sites with the same content, they need to alter the data and make it unique. Rewriting the descriptions or adding review data. Very competative market and the backlinks are not anywhere where they need to be.
Its not pretty, been online since 1996, I think matt said “ooo” to that. They own all the content. Happy with google traffic, but blacklisted by yahoo. Tim asks what they did, and says you don’t get blacklisted for not doing anything. Some of the navigation could be treated as dupe, and they get ripped off (scraped) a lot. It sounds like yahoo hasn’t figured out how to determine where the content is originally. Tim says there is 300-something pages indexed in yahoo and she says they have 5000 on their site. All of the titles are showing up lowercase in siteexplorer, but on the site they’re all upper case. Someone asks about “different delivery” ie cloaking. Matt explains that the yahoo site explorer may be trying to make everything look clean by lower casing it. Everyone laughs. Matt suggests putting keywords in the URL. The sitemap is huge, Matt Cutts suggests splitting the sitemap topically or chronologically. Some of the pages don’t have titles. On some of the pages there is not a cached page. But on the normal version of the page there are no no-cache commands. Sometimes if you have a penalty yahoo won’t show a cache. Laughs about the Yahoo lowercase penalty.

Ezra Realty
The page is loading very slowly. He’s asking about ranking. Someone suggests tweaking the titles, putting the property name at the front of the title, plus some keywords. Phrases towards the front of the title can help you. There are no real calls to action. The navigation is hidden. There are huge dropdowns. They need more links. Even internally the link structure could be better, more keywords in links. Matt says he’s a little hung up on his backlinks. Runs the risk of being viewed as “brochure ware”. The backlinks are reciprocal links and keyword stuffed domains. Matt Cutts says that he is linking back to many of these other sites. Wikipedia is a good place to start for backlinks. MSN shows over 2000 outbound links. Somone says MSN doesn’t know much about the whole internet. Anchor text stuff is a clear indicator of spaming. You don’t nessecarily have to have your keyword in your anchor text.
They’re saying to put the target in the title tag. “san diego chiropractic”. And the exact phrase should be in the body copy. You don’t want long titles, each page should be an entry point that is focused on the topic of that page. Use each page to reinforce the key phrases, in titles and headlines and reinforced in body text. Matt suggests ditching the cartoon font, so that he can come across as more professional. They’re engaged in the reciprocal llinking stuff also. Matt says do you really need 186 links from When you’re working with the city names, there are a ton of old crusty sites that are all about your city, get those links. Matt suggests starting a blog and not to overlook the power of an article in a newspaper. Matt’s mom writes articles for the moorehead kentucky newspaper. Somebody is mentioning the one box results. And ripping the crappy local results. You should get to the 1, 2, 3 of google local. If you sign up for Google local, they’ll send you a postcard and you can then log in and change the local entry. Any business with a real local prescence should look for google local, and can all sorts of extra info. Tim mentions Yahoo too. And someone suggests spending time with your favorite blog search engine and find other chiropracters with blogs. They recommending the local area, chiropractics niches.
Doing ok in googl, having problems with yahoo. yahoo has indexed quite a few pages. Someone says yahoo hates the real estate world, its a dirty niche. The title is good. Noscript is legitimate, but it does get abused. Someone says to ditch the Javascript menus, but noscript is a flag. They’re just not ranking very well in yahoo. The site was started in 98 or 99. There are a lot of pages using similar templates, so they look very similar. Yahoo says there is no penalty, but the content is not very unique, more unique content may help.
Matt says “lets talk frankly” and asks how many sites he has the webmasters says “a handful”. Matt lists a bunch of other domains, and keeps listing more and more domains. Matt says he has 58+ different sites, so he should look for ways to make it not just templates. The days of find and replace are long gone. Once you’re in the supplimental, you’re toast. Someone suggests blogging. Matt says to be careful about cross linking.
All the direct links on the homepage are images, they should be a text link. There is also no alt attribute on the image links. The URL structure is pretty crazy, with sid stuff and duplicate content issues. It looks like keyword stuff in the URls. It would be better to have more compact URLs. The content is provided by the manufacturer and it needs to be made unique. Start at the top SKUs, the highest margins. Matt says the offpage stuff is good, but the onpage, the URLs are bad, clean up the keywords, and the session ids. Matt recommends reviews and support forum to add unique content.
The site has been around for 5 years, and is driven by a backend provider. He’s asking what he can do to improve the site. The same unique content issue is the same here, when taking it from a supplier you have to work hard to make it unique. Someone suggests blogging. There’s a 302 redirect on the home page. Canonical issues.