Internal Corporate Blogging

From Hugh Macleod’s Hughtrain:

And yes, this works with internal blogs as well, poking holes in the membranes that seperate people within a corporate culture; aligning “the conversation” internally etc.

The other advantage of internal blogging is that it organises conversation into a long-term manageable form. Two people sharing ideas via blogs is a lot more permanent, viral and useful for the company than two people sharing the same information over by the watercooler.

The cartoon diagram above represents two groups of people, in the case of external blogs, the larger circle is customers and the inner circle is employees, but in the case of internal blogs in the enterprise it can represent any internal group in a company.
Blogs on the intranet break down the walls between groups of people, just like they break down the barriers between those selling and those buying.
I’m speaking on this topic today at Intranet Week at a workshop called “Blogging 101”. I’ll be demonstrating the basics of blogging with WordPress and a coldfusion blog platform, but since beginning researching this topic I’ve come across KWEE:

KnowNow WordPress Enterprise Edition (KWEE) is typically sold as an extension of KnowNow’s enterprise-class Web 2.0 solutions to help enterprises create secure, open, and scalable communications with its key stakeholders. KWEE blogs can be internal or external, with each delivering unprecedented benefits.

Built on WordPress MU and therefore open source, I can’t wait to be able to get my hands on a copy of the source code for this.