Introducing a New Kind of Tweetup: Social Media Battles

If you’ve seen me speak, or read my blog you’ve probably heard me rail against unicorns and rainbows advice. Going to lots of social media conferences, and reading a lot written about it, I’m noticing a disturbing lack of healthy debate, nobody disagrees with anyone else (at least not by name, in public).

Taking an idea from hip hop culture, I’m organizing a new kind of Tweetup: Social Media Battles.

Each battle will be composed of 2 people representing opposing viewpoints on a social media topic. They’ll each be given 2 minutes to make their case, and 1 minute rebuttals to their opponents, then the audience will decide the winner. Fast, simple and honest. We’ll do a bunch of these depending on how many people want to step up to the plate and battle.

The first one is going to be during FutureM week here in Boston on the evening of October 7th at the HubSpot offices in Cambridge, mark it on your calendars.

If you’ve got ideas for topics to debate, please leave them in the comments. And if you’re feeling brave and want to battle, email me.