Introducing TweetCharts: Get The Twitter Data You Need

It used to be that if you wanted to get data on a certain industry, keyword, hashtag or Twitter user you had to wait for a geeky, social media scientist type to write the scripts and run the reports for you. With my new tool that’s no longer the case.

Enter any word, phrase, hashtag, URL or username and TweetCharts will return a comprehensive report, including data on reply, retweet, and link percentages as well as the most common words, most mentioned users, most used hashtags and more.

I began working on TweetCharts a few weeks ago actually on a plane. I did some pen-and-paper wire framing somewhere over the midwest, woke up the next day and began cranking on it. If you’re curious here’s a picture of those first notes.

My favorite thing about this new tool is that everyone I’ve shown it to so far has found a different way to use it to get the Twitter data they need. So please, go check it out and then tell me here, in the comments, what useful data you found.