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To contact me about speaking at your event click here.

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Thank you for thinking about blogging about my Link Attraction Factors report and tools, I made this page to share some info that may be helpful if you do decide to blog about it. I just ask that you don’t link directly to this page.

The report is now live at ReadWriteWeb

Here’s a link to the current version of the report, it may or may not be copy edited by the time you’re reading this, so keep that in mind and go easy on me about spelling/grammar. Please don’t copy the whole thing verbatim and re-post it.

I also made two tools that use the data: a keyword level tool that shows you the average effect on incoming links a specific keyword has on stories that mentioned it in their title or description, and a title checking tool that checks the effect of every word in a potential story title and shows you where you can improve to get more links (hopefully).

Here’s a few details about the report
What inspired me to write the report: “the fact that i’ve seen lots of reports like this about how to get to the front page, but nothing about what happens after that, and the real value to the front page is the links after all.”

It took me about 3 weeks or so of coding and semi-continuous processing time to compile all the database, then another week to write the reporting scripts and make the report.

The most interesting thing(s) i learned while doing this was that many of the factors that help get you to the front page don’t get you the links once you’re there, like referencing digg.

The average seo or social media professional (or just webmaster interested in more links/traffic) should take away an understanding of which topics, times, days and keywords are best to use if you’re trying to build links.

Here are a few graphs from the report that you should feel free to show on your blog if you want, click on the image for the full size.