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Canonical domain issues non-www to www verisons. Rae says it will take google months and months to fix the problem.
Using the MSN links from domain tool it shown that he “suitably stingy” in linking out.
You can create extra content that will get links in based on video and stories about what people do in bed. has some duplicate content, and it should be blocked from search engines getting in. They’re on two different IPs so its a little shady, both are also on shared hosting with lots of other sites on the same IP. The descriptions are all indentical and irrelevant. They have built the catalog on a databse that came from the manuf, they need to better edit the descriptions, because there are lots of other sites that are very similar. There are a lot of links on the left hand side that are repeated across the whole site, it is recommended that the template code be slimmed down. Rae suggests putting javascript and style code in external files.
Also has canonical domain issues. There is some possibly misleading anchor text about financial management under the “quick search” headline. those could be more relevant, including entertainment career type keywords. Those links are telling the SE that those pages are about accounting and finance. There are a lot of othersites on the same IP that were purchased and masked to the root domain. It is suggested that they should be 301’d to the main site. In theory it will pass the links to the new address. Don’t use javascript, meta-refresh or multi domain masking.

Rae is using, great tool, same thing I use.
The marketing department buys links. Lots of radio station links is very obvious that they’re paid links. They use a dynamic number (based on where the visitor came from) in the title tag, lots of people are phoning from the telephone number. Thousands of 404 URLs are indexed still. Looks like there was a problem that was fixed. There is a flash front page, which was recommended by a ad agency. The marketing department is only buying obviously paid links and it is recommended that they learn about organic link development. It was suggested that they create a wikipedia page with a backlink about the sleepnumber.
Rae says the site is very nice looking and usable. The main page title tag should be expanded on. There is a correct 301 from non-www to www. There is a list of countries on the left side of the page, they’re all image links that could be changed to anchor text. The site has 79,000 links, some are paid but they’re pretty relevant. The site is ranking decently for its main phrases, but they’re still looking for more traffic. He said he was just looking to show off.
They question that having a domain won’t rank well in other countries, like They need to redirect the non-www to 301 to the www version of the page. It is suggested that they build out seperate language specific domains. They have another domain (a .com) Its recommended to invest in extra copywriting to make each site unique. They need more links, only 1500 are showing in yahoo. They’ve also got translated domains across country specific tlds and they’re asking how to cross link those domains, it seems that it should be on a user-centric case by case basis, but it should be ok if they all have unique content. Its suggested that its done in “small doses”. There is a email in a simple textlink on the page. They also should not put up little sites if they won’t put “ommph”.

its recommended that all changes made to the site are recorded in a master document and who made them.
There are 7,300 pages: nutritional database pages. They should group, theme and crosslinking the nutritional database pages. The default directory index is set to a non-index .asp page, possibly duplicate content issues, as far as google is concerned its dupliate. They are using a different URL with keywords that are also in the domain and they suggest that they 301 that page to the root and use that as the homepage. The homepage features bad food links to pages of branded food, they recommend that they pull the trademark symbol out of the links to these pages to make them rank for the brand keywords. Some URLs on the site are long and filled with GUIDs. Again Rae mentions the code heavy pages and moving javascript and styles into external files.

There was an MSN study released some months ago that showed that if a page does not have a lot of non-display content it is very likely to be spam.
non-WWW to 301 to the WWW. They have some older domains using meta refreshing to their main domain. They should all be 301’d. The homepage is flash, there have been some suggestions of browser detection and delivering non-flash pages, but they’re told to be careful when going down that route as it could possibly mistaken as cloaking. They are asking about using sifr but they’re cautioned against using it. It is being recommended that they use consistent URLs to link to specific pages inside the site. Another reference to pulling javascript out to an external file.
Very very competative niche, but there are only a few hundred links. Its recommended that they do a backlink search on the old competitor and get all the same links. When new sites are put up its very important to map out old pages and 301 them to the new sites. Its recommended to look at logfiles for 404 errors and try to 301 those pages into real pages on the site. Rae suggests putting the site on its own server/IP. Its suggested that they register a “snazzier” domain name and 301 it into the main site.

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