My Portfolio

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To contact me about speaking at your event click here.

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Here are brief overviews of some of my work.

The TwitterBrandSponsors Plugin

This WordPress plugin was developed as the first “sociable ad” for Mashable. A limited number of brands (and one charity!) looking to engage with the social media community can have their latest Tweets syndicated into the Mashable sidebar, and interested visitors can choose to connect with those brands on Twitter.

Link Love

Built for HubSpot around a music viral music video, this app allowed users to send their friends “link love” to each other (via Twitter and email) by embedding a link to the reciever’s website on the Link Love page.

The GeekFlirt Lolcat Maker

Part of a larger social media campaign for geek dating website GeekFlirt, the lolcat maker allows users to create personalized lolcat images using their own photos (or they can select from a preselected gallery of pictures), and customized text. The users are also given the HTML codes they need to share the images with their friends on other social sites. Each image is branded with a GeekFlirt watermark.

A petition to the next President of the United States, accumulated over 900 signatures and over 400 members to its Facebook group in under a week. I also created a Facebook application that allows users to sign the petition, share it with friends and display a graphic about it in their Facebook profile.

A URL shortening tool for social news and voting sites, Votrs allows social media users and content creators to share a single, short link that allows recipients to vote for their stories on multiple social sites. If users register with the tool, they can track how many people view each of the links they’ve posted as well as include a custom background and avatar image.

The USB Absinthe Spoon

A modern take on the “Pet Rock” craze. The USB Absinthe microsite posted an image of a USB Absinthe Spoon and asked users to tell us why they wanted one. Over 500 users responded in the first 24 hours and the site was featured on a number of popular blogs, including Gizmodo and Engadget.