My Unfair Advantage

One of my favorite pieces of social media advice is: stop talking about yourself but today Im going to break that rule. Saturday is my six month wedding anniversary to my lovely wife Alison.

I love what I do. Lots of us in the space do. When I started working in online marketing 9 years ago I thought I lived the job. I would do it all day at work, and into the wee hours of the night at home. Since meeting my wife however Ive discovered that I have an unfair advantage.

The unfair advantage is that between my coworkers and my wife, Ive found myself surrounded with the most amazing talent in my industry. She even has a better Twitter username than I do. Our wedding vows mentioned Twitter and Facebook. Even when Im not sitting at a screen Im getting better at what I do because of her.

Shes the most brilliant social marketer I know (myself included). Shes also an amazing writer, a skill Ive spent much time trying to learn. Believe me, if youve read something good Ive written, chances are that her eyes and hands made it that way. Our book is a great example of this. Shes my most honest critic and the best partner I can imagine.

And while Im a data junky in my element with huge databases, shes much better with actual humans, being actually social. Its the perfect compliment. I obsess over Twitter, she obsesses over Facebook. I love giving presentations with PowerPoint, shes killer at Q&A.

The best advice I can give a social marketer is to find people like this. Find someone who knows what youre talking about when youre thinking about the intricacies of retweets and likes. Were all still learning how this field works. And while you can get better in isolation, youll never be as good as you can be until youre constantly challenged and supported by people better than you.

Oh, and happy anniversary darling.