North End Boston Searches

I live in the best neighborhood in the world, so I got curious today what people search for when they’re looking for info on the north end. Clearly lots of searches are going to only contain restaurant or festival names, but the searches below give me some indication of what he overall niche probably looks like. As expected lots of restaurant, apartment and festival schedule searches, but one surprise (At least to me) is the hotel searches. I don’t think I know of any hotels in the north end, and perhaps thats why there are so many people looking for them, a possible opportunity?
Here’s the top 34 terms as identified by keyworddiscovery. There are a bunch more but they’re all variations on the same.

keyword searches per month
north end 675
boston north end restaurants 257
north end boston 249
north end boston hotels 232
boston north end 202
north end restaurants 198
north end restaurants boston 169
north end boston restaurants 165
restaurants north end boston 152
bostons north end 70
north end boston apartment 38
north end pizza 24
north end cafe 18
north end boston ma 18
north end restaurants boston ma 14
north end boston massachusetts 8
restaurants boston north end 8
north end ma 8
restaurants north end boston ma 7
boston north end hotels 6
north end apartments 5
the north end boston 5
north end of boston 5
north end feasts 4
bostons north end pizza bakery 3
north end middle school 3
north end in boston 3
image north end boston.jpg 2
dolce vita north end boston 1
north end italian restaurants 1
restaurants in bostons north end 1
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