Parasite SEO and Search Activism

One greyhat SEO technique that has been given new life with the inflation of web2.0 is parasite SEO. The idea is simple, you post an optimized message on an open web site that already ranks well, eventually your content can rank for specific terms. Wikipedia, Craigslist, Digg, Delicious and various blogs? comments immediately come to mind as potential hosts.

The problem is that it can be difficult to include links to some monetization setup. If your only goal is to broadcast a message on a specific search term, as could be the case with search activism.

You?ve probably heard of hacktivism. Well intentioned hackers break into organizations for political reasons Usually cheap website defacements are the result. Search activism is similar, you?re using the spring board of search traffic to spread an idea rather than to makes sales.

So the make perfect vaguely reprehensible partners, parasite SEO and search activism. Learn which open websites appear already for the term you want to rank on, like say Phil Knight (or just try all of them, especially the ones mentioned above), and put a chunk of a few hundred words of optimized content. If the host page has a lot of existing content (like a comment on a blog post) you may need to either increase the amount of total content you post, or repeat the keyword(s) more often.

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