People I Met at Pubcon 2007

Had a blast this past weekend in vegas, but I didn’t have very good internet access anywhere the whole week, so I’m doing my wrap-up now. I got labeled “shifty eye Dan” in the first round I played of SEOmoz’s Werewolf game, but I managed to survive a few votes before being lynched and revealed as a black hat (Matt Cutts did a a “black hats rule” dance later that night when he too was a black hat).
The best part of the week was the networking, Dave and I met a ton of great people, including Cyril, Cory, Melinda, Sugarrae, Todd, Vanessa, Rand, Justine, Tamar, Brent, Matt, Joe, Robert, John.

So thanks to everyone who came and I met, for a wonderful week, feel free to say hello and stay in touch.