Political Marketing and the Boston City Council

I’ve written before about online political marketing and research, but now I’d like to do a little experimention.
Obviously, the first place to look is search, how competative is this niche exactly? 2007 is an election year for Boston’s City Council members, essentially a smaller race in an “off” political year. Everyone’s looking to 2008. First I’ll start with a blog post, nothing tricky or even very aggressive; best not to bring a gun to a knife fight. My question is this:
Can I rank well for a high level (relative to the niche) search term like Boston City Council with a simple post on an obliquely related site?
I say obliquely because this blog is not really about politics or even Boston, but as I live in one and am interested in the other, I do mention them from time to time. I might even mention this specific topic more in the future.
My initial research with wordtracker into the keywords has revealed low volume at this point in the year:

  • boston city council 3

Keyworddiscovery’s longer sample revealed more keywords, but still low numbers:

  • boston city council 374
  • politics city council boston 11
  • stephen murphy boston city council 9
  • matt o malley boston city council 8
  • boston city council at large candidates 7
  • city council members boston ma 7
  • boston, massachusetts city council social policy 7
  • joe ready boston city council 6
  • john connolly boston city council 6
  • connolly for boston city council 4

The traffic over history graph doesn’t show any seasonal trends, since last year was not a city council election year.
Now, I’m a little worried about over repetition of the keyword, but we’ll see what happens, the content was organically created.

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