PPC for a Non-Profit

It seems my recent interest in PPC stuff has borne fruit and I’ve begun volunteering to help out with a really cool non-profit‘s PPC account. Not just any PPC account though, Google has given a grant to the organization in the form of a 1000$ (yes, thats correct a thousand dollars) a day (a day!) in clicks.
The group, My World, takes African students on educational trips to places like Mount Kilimanjaro and the goal of the advertising is to raise funds to send these students on potentially life changing expeditions.

My World’s project grew out of our collective experiences in Peace Corps, Tanzania, which exposed us to the great need for alternative strategies of education to supplement the standard methods, as well as the great promise that existing local resources had in filling that need. By supplementing traditional classroom education with experiential learning, we can very effectively make abstract concepts concrete, while offering disadvantaged students a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As teachers, we took our students across the country to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. The ten students, some of whom had never before traveled more than 15 km from their homes, saw, among other things, their first elephants and giraffes, their first city, and even their first snow, high on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.

My initial strategy for this campaign is two-fold:

  • Raise awareness about this organization among people looking for information obliquely related to My World, but who may not know that something like this exists
  • Send a lot of varied traffic through the site to analyze the behavior and performance of different types of visitors on the site

So my keyword list is comprised of several buckets of thematically related keywords. There is an Africa bucket, a social issues bucket, a charity and donations bucket and an adventure tourism bucket.

My goals for the account are eventually to get the average cost per click to $0.25 and get the average donation to 50$.

This promises to be very interesting so I’ll post more on it as the project progresses.