Reputation Management with Kiva

In my dayjob I have a bunch of reputation management clients. Doctors, consultants, politicians or other professionals who’s name is their brand. For whatever reason, when you search for their name a negative result is prominently placed.This is often a misleading news articleor out of context quote. I work to replace the top10 results with postitive messages about the client. In addition to taking the two top space with pages from their own website, one of my favorite methods is to recommend they do some news-worthy charity work associated with their profession and then we write, optimize and release a press release about it. I’ve found another easy, inexpesnsive and positive source of good results:
Kiva is probably my favorite website in a long time, and I’ve been building my modest portfolio with them for a few months. Recently I noticed they added the ability to create and customize a “lender’s page” like mine, so I did, and I linked to it (with the real, dynamic URL, not the short clean one with my name in it that redirects to the long one). Even without my name in the title, after a few days the page ranked, so I took a chance and emailed the kiva team to try to see if I could get them to put names in titles. To my pleasent surprise my request got to a engineer and the change has been made. I expect my lenders page to soon rank on the first page and I will glady recommend that my reputation management clients build a portfolio with kiva, it’ll be good for them, and the rest of the world.
Oh, and merry christmas.