My Social & Viral Marketing Services

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To contact me about speaking at your event click here.

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Here are some of the most common services I provide for clients. Email me to talk about how I can help you or your client with these types of projects.


This service includes developing ideas for viral articles designed to draw incoming links to an site to bolster its organic search engine rankings. And writing, designing and implementing them as well as promoting them in various social media sites. Since I can’t guarantee each article will “go viral” I typically recommend doing at least three of these. I also offer a version of this service that does not include content creation where I optimize and promote your content for a lesser fee.

Viral Microsite Development

I can work with your company to develop a microsite concept and strategy designed to increase awareness of your business throughout the social web. This includes designing, developing, writing, implementing and seeding the microsite. Microsites may include audio, video and textual content as well as games and online applications.


The process of seeding a piece of viral content can take many forms, and generally includes one of the more specific services listed on this page (like linkbaiting and blogger outreach). I will work with you to determine the optimally infectious demographics for your campaign and the right places to target them.

Blogger Outreach

This service is a form of seeding that involves identifying influential bloggers and developing relationships with them while encouraging them to blog about the site or piece of content. Typically I offer this at two levels, 50 bloggers and 100 bloggers. If we do linkbaiting or a microsite I would recommend pitching the bloggers with the viral articles since they’ll be built with “going viral” as a goal.

Facebook Pages

To setup a Facebook page, I need some media and information from the client (photos, videos, events and news) and if we do a Twitter account that would be integrated as well. Setup is one fee, while the actual ongoing maintenance and promotion would vary based on the reponse-levels and what kind of results are desired.

Facebook Application

This is typically a little bit longer of a project cycle, in that the first step would be developing a concept. The most common scenario is that I develop three concepts, including functional specs (and price quotes) which can be developed either by me or other developers.

Twitter Marketing

Similar to the facebook page, ongoing costs would vary on response and desired results, and some media and input is required from the client.


If the client does not already have a blog, I can implement and manage the design of a WordPress-based blog, with their current look/feel in mind. I also recommend working with a blog writer to produce at least some of the content. If we do linkbaiting articles, these would best be placed on a blog, and I can build the blog such that it can handle the “digg effect” (often server crushing traffic load) as well as make them sticky for the incoming traffic.


I can also work with you to implement analytics and tracking systems so that you can measure the effectiveness of your social and viral campaigns. We can also create testing strategies to utilize multivariate and split-testing to optimize your content for contagiousness.

Many of these things work in combination (the viral articles and microsites could be pitched to bloggers, and the Twitter & Facebook marketing would be integrated in the blog). I also provide custom services, so if there is something specific you’re looking for, let me know.