Sneak Peak of Digg Link Acquisition Report

Above is a little sneak preview of data from a report I’m finishing up now and has been the reason my blog has been so quiet recently. (Click for a larger view).

I’ve compiled a database of over 32,000 links that made Digg’s homepage in 2007 (a little over 37,000 total went popular last year) and the number of incoming links each page has. Then I dug into the data and discovered which factors (like time and day of submission, popularity of submission, topic, and the occurrence of certain words in the title and description) lead to higher or lower average incoming links.

The graph above shows the containers stories can be listed in on Digg and how many more (or less) links the average story submitted into those containers gets compared to the average story overall.

I will be selling the report as a PDF once I’m done with it, and it will include access to a tool that allows you to enter any keyword or phrase and it will return information about that word or phrase’s effect on the average number of incoming links a story gets.

If you’d like to pre-order the report, email me with a price you think is fair, if you have a fairly popular social media/internet marketing blog and you’d like to get a free review copy when its published, email me too.

If you think of any additional factors that may influence link accumulation comment them on this post and I’ll make sure I include them in the final report.