Stephen Colbert is for Sale and I Like it

I just watched the Colbert Branson Trainwreck (itunes timeshifted) and it was totally fake and not really all that funny.

In the freezer at the office, the only thing it holds really are two pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream: Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream and Willie Nelson’s Peach Cobler. The two celebrities discussed the flavors during an interview when Ben & Jerry’s rolled out the new ice cream.

You get my point, Colbert’s for sale, he’s a sellout. But I don’t mind. His stuff is satire so he’s not allowing corporations to write “facts”, and the vast majority of the time he’s the funniest and most relevant voice on TV. And the products (and the product placement bits) are cool, I like the ice cream and reviews of the airline seem nice.

This is still interruption marketing of sorts, but it is coming closer to integrating content creation and marketing.