Top 8 SEO Plugins for WordPress

Building on yesterday’s post about tips to make your blog rank better, here’s the plugins you’ll need to impliment that functionality. If I missed anything or there are better alternatives, please let me know.

  1. Optimal Title make sure your post titles occur at the begining of each permalink page’s title tag.
  2. Related Entries Deep linking baby.
  3. Google Sitemap Generator probably won’t make you rank better, but does provide good info.
  4. Sociable leverage social networks and parasite SEO, in a non-spammy way of course.
  5. yes-WWW add the WWW to all requests (using an SEO friendly 301 redirect) I use no-WWW (see below).
  6. no-WWW you know the drill.
  7. Top Posts intelligent deep linking, baby (thanks Derek).
  8. Permalink Redirect use handy 301’s to prevent clean permalink URLs don’t cause duplicate content issues.

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