Viral Content Sharing Report: Introduction

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You probably don’t even think about it all that much when you do it, and yet, it is the holy grail of modern marketing. Browsing the web, you come across something hysterical, helpful or late-breaking and instantly you jump into your IM client and copy-paste the link to your friend who absolutely has to see it. It’s the kind of action that seems to have no grand motive or formula behind it; you just do it because you want to, the content is cool. But when we begin to look at the process from the marketer’s vantage it becomes clear that there is an intangible detail, a secret ingredient to some stuff that makes it as contagious as the flu, while other great content, missing this je ne sais quoi, goes nowhere. In my ceaseless hunt to pinpoint this elusive attribute I’ve decided to go straight to the sharer’s mouth by conducting a survey to gain some insight into what, how and why people spread content online. This is what I learned.

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Viral Content Sharing Report: Table of Contents