Viral Seeding Services

One of the hardest parts of creating a viral strategy is seeding the campaign in such a way that it spreads father and faster than traditional transmission rates would allow it.

Since the average viewer of a viral will “infect” less than one person, most completely organic viral ads will die out after a few generations of spread.

Viral seeding techniques can be used however, to compensate for low transmission rates by either ensuring a very large enough number of people see the ad at launch, or by making sure that the viewers who see the ad first are those viewers who are most likely to have high transmission rates. Proficient social media users, bloggers, popular forum members, even prominent mailing list members are examples of high transmission rate targets.

By studying reports on the flow of viral ads, and demographics and user behavior on social media sites I’ve developed my viral seeding strategy, with tactics including big seeding, the spoon model and piggy-backing (I’ll post on that soon).

I’m now offering these seeding services to companies that wish to launch viral ads in the most effective way possible, leveraging top social media and networking sites as well as blogs, forums and mailing lists. If you’re interested in what I can do for you, contact me.