Viral Tweet Test Results Part 2: Timeline & Transmission Rates

The first meaty bit of data I’ve pulled out of the results is a timeline of the growth activity including retweets, comments and clicks through to the page. I’ve also marked the times when popular users retweeted and when it first hit the “Trending Topics” list.

And here are some rough numbers based on the first day of the experiment (after which activity slowed to a trickle):

          Total % of Clicks % of Comments % of Tweets
% columns show transmission rates (ie % of people exposed to page who Tweeted it)
Clicks 1,826 N/A 13.75% 15%
Comments 251 13.75% N/A 91.6%
Tweets 274 15% 91.6% N/A

I’ll be pulling more complex data out of the results also, including an attempt at actually mapping the spread of the Viral Test Tweet through Tweets, followers and retweets. And as before, if you can think of any other data points I may be missing, please let me know.