Viral Tweeting Survey

To gather more data about how viral messaging spreads through Twitter, I’m launching a short survey. Similar in design to my Viral Content Sharing Survey, this brief questionnaire consists of 17 questions and should only take about 5 minutes to complete. The data gathered from just a few minutes of your time will allow me to continue to explore why and how ReTweeting happens.

Please, help me further my research into viral messaging and the impact of Twitter on content sharing by taking this quick survey; then, share it with your Twitter friends by ReTweeting this link (

Once I have a sufficient number of responses, I’ll analyze the data and publish a report on my findings. I anticipate that the survey will run for about a week or two in order to gather enough responses for scientifically sound data.

I need at least 1000 responses to extrapolate any measurable results, hopefully before the Twitter buzz dies down, so please take a minute to complete the survey and pass it on to a few friends, and keep checking back to see what I find. Thanks!