What is Content Development to an SEO?

Yeah, once I said content is dead, resource is king, but, there is still the issue of the text designed on pages designed to rank well, not nessecarily the ones designed to get the links. Say what you will about the dead myth of density sweetspots, there is data to provide at least rough statistical guidelines to both ensure that content does not look spammy and that it is textually relevant to the query being optimized for.

Depending on the budget you may be able to pay for lots of high quality content. It is very possible to write convincing copy that is also keyword optimized, and its not even that hard. But as I showed previously, the most frutiful way to positively affect the ROI of a content development/SEO campaign, is by lowering the cost to create the pages. So in each situtaion, stock must be taken of the client’s resources (time, ability, money, etc) to determine a content price sweetspot.

It would be good if we had a few tricks hidden up our sleeves to produce well optimized content on the cheap.

3 words: free, open, and public.

There is tons of content out there, more than enough on most non-late-breaking-news topics, just waiting for use. Article directories give you wads of content for free (in return for a link normally), some content is released under open licenses for reuse under specific conditions, which are usually very allowing, and that content that has passed into the public domain.

In all these cases though, the content will appear elsewhere on the web, so you’ll need to alter it and make it unique. Quickest way to “manufacture uniqueness”? Mix it up. Cut and paste sentances and paragraphs around as much as you can while maintaining some semblance of readbility. Better yet, find a few useable articles and shuffle them into one big block of content. The smaller the chunks you use the better, but it will take you longer. The next quickest? Thesaurus. Upload your content to a site and use a keyword density analyzer on it to get a list of the most common single words used. Go through the list from top to bottom and use your text editor’s find and replace feature to substitute a synonym for every non-keyword-relevant word repeated a few times. And finnally: re-write it Go through the content by hand and replace as many words or phrases with text of similar meaning. You’ll want to aim for at least one change every 5 words, if not more.

Now, check it go to copyscape and submit your the URL of the text you uploaded. Keep applying the above mentioned techniques untill no matches are returned.

Et Voila, unique content on the cheap. You can very easily crack out 1000 words in 10, 15 minutes like this. And it can rank, well.

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