Cheer Up and Don’t Be Such a Debbie Downer

Building on my cocktail party analogy, imagine yourself at a networking event deep in conversation with a new bunch of friends. One of them is a total bummer and is constantly negative. How much do you really want to be talking to that person?

Social media is no different than that party. Both on Facebook and Twitter, people don’t like spreading bad news.

And the data bears this out. For instance on Twitter, accounts that make many negative remarks tend to have fewer followers.

And on Facebook, while sex is the most “shareable” content type I found, “positivity” is number 2 and “negativity” is the least shareable.

There is no lack of negative news on the web and if I want to get bummed out all I have to do is turn on one of the 24 hour news stations. People don’t go to social media to feel bad, they go to social media to talk to their friends, make new ones and generally have a good time. So cheer up, and stop being such a Debbie Downer.