Introducing Dr. TweetDreams

We love talking and speculating about dreams, and Twitter is the perfect place to discuss those subconscious thoughts, images and emotions. Dr. TweetDreams takes those Twitter dream musings and tells you what they mean. analyzes the elements of your Tweeted dreams to see what they mean for your past, present and future. Type your Twitter username into the box below and hit analyze to see your dream analysis, or browse Dr. TweetDreams’ collection of recent dreams mentioned on Twitter.

The original idea came from the lovely Alison Driscoll and I built it with a bunch of my fun natural language and Tweet processing tools.

I parsed a 100 year old book by Gustavus Hindman Miller called “10,000 Dreams Interpreted” to create a lexicon of dream symbols and their interpretations.

I analyze every Tweet that contains the phrase “had a dream” by breaking it down into word-stems (through a Porter stemming algorithm) and finding related stems through a combination of a Brill part-of-speech tagger and Princeton WordNet Synsets. These stems are then matched against the symbol lexicon and the interpretation of the dream detailed in the Tweet is displayed.