Introducing the New TweetPsych and TweetPsych for Lists

After I first launched the Twitter psychological profiling tool TweetPsych, some of the most common feedback I got was that it was hard to understand the results. So I designed a new reporting mechanism and design to solve that problem. The new TweetPsych uses “meta dimensions” which are combination of related factors from the two linguistic algorithms (RID and LIWC) the application uses. Each of these comes with a description and is represented on a bar graph. Each user’s profile is compared against the average user and the report explains which dimensions occur more or less frequently than the average.

I also launched a new feature for the site. TweetPsych for Lists allows you to do the same kind of psychological profiling, but of entire lists. Curious to know what the inside of Zappo’s employees’ heads looks like? Here you go.

If you have other ideas on how to make TweetPsych even better, let me know.