Video: The Science of Social Media at Harvard

For the last few years I’ve been delivering and refining my Science of Social Media presentation. A few weeks ago, I gave it at Harvard and recorded it. This is the first time a full length video of this presentation has been posted online in its entirety.

Check it out below, and please let me know what you think about it, I listen to as much feedback about my talks as I can get and that is how I improve.

I go to a lot of social media conferences and read a lot of social media advice and most of it is what I call unicorns and rainbows. Stuff like engage in the conversation or hug your followers. Its good sounding advice, and hard to disagree with Im not going to tell you to punch your customers in the face. The problem is that its not based on anything more substantial than what feels right typically. I like to get beyond the unicorns and rainbows into the real data, the real science of social media about why people behave the way they do online and how we as marketers can leverage that behavior.