May 20th 2013

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Another social network that has become very popular in the past few years but is marked by a lack of marketing data is Tumblr. It’s a fertile petri dish for some of the web’s most contagious content and has a fascinatingly wide demographic profile. And with the added buzz it’s getting from the much-talked about Yahoo acquisition, social media professionals should not ignore it.

Gnip gave me access to the Tumblr firehose a little while back and I used it to collect a random sample of more than 300,000 posts. I analyzed that dataset and found several points of interest to marketers.

var …

May 14th 2013

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In response to a tweeted question from Rand Fishkin I decided to take a quick look at the relationship between exclamation points in tweets and retweets and clicks.

I used a dataset of more than 2 million link-containing tweets sent by accounts with at least 1,000 followers and found something interesting. Tweets with exclamation points got more retweets-per-follower, but fewer clicks-per-follower.

May 7th 2013

For more social media data like this, order my latest book “The Science of Marketing” now!

I’m a big fan of social calls-to-action. Previously, I’ve found evidence that they work on Facebook and Twitter. So I wanted to expand my research and see if I could find more words and phrases that were good at spurring people to social action.

Using a huge data set of more than 2.7 million Tweets provided to me by the awesome folks at Buffer, I analyzed the use of calls-to-action (like “please retweet”) and their relationship to retweets. To control for number of followers, I used a retweets-per-follower ratio.

I found that there are 7 words and phrases that when included in …

Apr 30th 2013

For more social media data like this, order my latest book “The Science of Marketing” now!

One of the quickest growing social media platforms on the web at the moment is Instagram, but there’s a lack of marketing data about it. I decided to collect data on just over 1 million images posted to the site and found several interesting takeaways. The first, which you’ll find in the infographic below, is the importance of hashtags.

Not only do images that include hashtags get more likes than images that do not, there are certain hashtags that are correlated with more likes than the rest. The most powerful of these are a set of reciprocity indicating tags including “#followforfollow,” “#likeforlike,” and …

Jun 25th 2012

I’ve had several conversations with marketers about email subscription popups like the one new visitors to my site see. Many of the most experienced and results focused are in favor, but there are some “marketing gurus” who are very vocal in their opposition. Never one to leave a debate like this to gut feeling and guesswork, I decided to actually look at my own stats to see what story they had to tell.

These stats are from a single data point, this site. Your site may be different, you should experiment with any tactic like this to see if it works for you, don’t just accept the platitude of your favorite author at face value. I have yet to …