The Most ReTweetable Words Finder Tool

I’ve done a bunch of research about The Most ReTweetable Words and people seem to like it, but the overall top 20 is a bit too generic for many niches. So I made a tool that will allow you to find the most ReTweetable words about your specific topic.

This tool will show you the 20 most ReTweetable words about any given topic. Simply enter a keyword (like “marketing”) and click analyze. The tool will return a list of words that were found to be related to that word and highly ReTweetable. It will also display the number of Tweets and ReTweets analyzed to generate the list.

Each word is recalculated after 24 hours, and the tool analyzes up to 1500 Tweets and 1500 ReTweets per word. Therefore the most ReTweetable words displayed represent the most contagious topics recently.

The tool works by comparing words found in ReTweets against how commonly they appeared in non-ReTweet Tweets, and identifies those words that appear in ReTweets more than they do in non-ReTweets.

It does take a few moments to analyze a new word for the first time, so please be patient. And this tool is very beta, so expect some (read: plenty) bugs. There are some known issues with multiple word searches.